Dear Students,

Let me congratulate you for your success and for joining this college. Education is the best practice that can happen in one’s Life. Along with academic growth, we inculcate humility, benevolence, clarity of mind and purpose in our students.

While deciding about your future, your desire to succeed inadvertently tempts you to follow the path adopted by your successful peers, without understanding your strengths and weaknesses and your ability to follow the path you have chosen. You should exercise considerable discretion and restrain yourself from blindly following others, however successful they are. There is no 'one size fits all formula'. You should decide on what should be done by you considering your strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. It is this ability to understand your individual strength that will stand by you throughout your life. Recognizing yourself gives a sense of confidence and enables you to carve out your future on your own terms. We will help you in chiseling your potentials and making you go the extra mile by incorporating capacity building, skill enhancement, communication skills and practical learning in the classroom teaching. We, at B.D. Arya, believe that simply having good marks and completing a degree are not enough to get a job in today’s rapidly changing economy. It is your ability to be focused and to pursue your dream undeterred by failures and obstacles that brings your success.

We prayfully wish that you all develop here the ability to translate your dreams into reality and hope that you will contribute not for building only a literate India but an educated and empowered India. Make yourself so successful and famous that your Alma mater gets recognized in the world through you.

May you all get stronger in values and academics!

Dr.(Mrs.) Sarita Verma